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Gartner BPM Excellence Recognition Awarded to General Service Administration

Updated: May 22, 2021

- Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)

Client Challenge

FAS, with support from ESI, as prime contractor, successfully implemented its “New Offer Process 30-Day Challenge” that resulted in the creation of an express desk capable of reducing the time to Process contract modifications from 120 days to 30 days. The FAS team accomplished this feat by identifying and separating out the “value added” components of its overall process, from the rest, including: “non-value added” activities, “collaboration delays”, “resource bottlenecks” and “rework”.

The Solution

FAS, with support from ESI, as prime contractor, developed an end-to-end process design for the FAS core acquisition processes, to include the consolidation of redundant system and the extension of the current workflow environment using BPMS. The project resulted in FAS’ Acquisition Process Improvement Plan published on Sep 2008 consisting of 15 major initiatives with over $100 million in projected savings.

The Value

These initiatives resulted in GSA-FAS being honored by the Gartner Group as one of the three winners of its Inaugural Gartner BPM Excellence Awards on October 6, 2009 at The Gartner BPM Summit 2009 in Orlando, Florida for its innovative BPM practices. FAS, with support from ESI, as a prime contractor, has clearly demonstrated its expertise and success in exercising solid BPM practices supporting various GSA-FAS initiatives.

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