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Cloud Transformation

ESI facilitates the process of migrating applications, legacy systems, data, or an entire IT infrastructure that are aligned with the business objectives of our clients.  Cloud transformation and migration offers many benefits including but not limited to reduced operational cost, increase processing power, increase efficiency of sharing and saving data, centralize network security, and inherent disaster recovery features.  Key Service areas include but not limited to:


Reference Architecture Development

Architect your cloud-based future with our accepted industry best practices for optimal delivery of specific technologies.


Cloud Strategy

Chart a path to the future on a public or private cloud that is suitable to meet the needs of your organization.


Cloud Sizing

Rightsize your cloud requirements for maximum operational cost efficiency.

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Cloud Management

Ensure smooth operations, maintenance, and management of your cloud technologies.


Pilot Development

Assess and test your cloud migration strategies to ensure efficient cloud migration and transformation.


Application Services Migration

Ensure an efficient migration of your existing applications and legacy systems into the cloud to ensure minimum downtime and/or disruption to your operations.

Additional Capabilities


Process and Organization Management

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