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ESI Celebrates Seven (7) Years of Solid Partnership with Bitscape


Falls Church, VA, August 24, 2021 --- Enterprise Solutions Inc. (ESI) is pleased to mark the seven-year anniversary of our strategic partnership with Bitscape, a Microsoft Gold Competency partner and multiyear Microsoft Worldwide Award recipient earning the highest standards of Microsoft's widely recognized partnership program. The partnership with Bitscape complements ESI’s strategic plan for business development and expansion in the government sector with Bitscape’s tactical software solutions, digital transformation, and cloud computing capabilities.

As we continue to help our government clients address the many challenges they face, the most recent of which is the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an ever-increasing need for data-driven and timely access to critical and just-in-time information for decision support in determining appropriate intervention programs. ESI and Bitscape have been successfully leveraging Microsoft Technology and Solutions for building bridges to fill in the gaps in our clients’ business processes and workflows to empower our clients’ employees and increase efficiencies in their operation.

This ESI-Bitscape partnership has yielded many highly recognized solutions for our clients. Some of the notable accomplishments include:

1. Emergency Rental Assistance Program for State and Local Government A bridge to assist citizens, who are facing hardships caused by reduction or loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in paying their rent and preventing them from being evicted. The economic impact of COVID-19 has ravaged communities across the nation and has a serious impact on many cities and communities, leaving many residents at risk of eviction. ESI and Bitscape, using Microsoft PowerApps and Dynamics 365, designed and implemented the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, a portal for landlords to seek rental assistance on behalf of their tenants, which are then forwarded to government units for quick, efficient, and timely processing of the rental assistance requests. This solution is currently being used by Fairfax County and the Maryland Department of Housing Authority.

2. Virginia Freedom of Information Act (VFOIA) Tracker for Fairfax County, VA – A Bridge to Transparency and Accountability Public requests come in many forms. However, those requests falling under the various Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) laws of local, state, and federal government arrive with the mandate of being regulated and requiring an answer “as quickly and in the most transparent way possible.” ESI and Bitscape, using Microsoft Dynamics 365, designed and implemented the VFOIA Tracker, a bridge to an Open Government ensuring all the FOIA requests are tracked and fulfilled to ensure timely completion with full transparency and accountability.

3. Smart MoBee mobile application development platform – a low-code no-code platform for development As part of our Smart City or Community enablement strategy, using Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Azure as a platform (Azure App Services, Function Apps, Notification Hub, Azure SQL, Azure Storage, KeyVault), Azure DevOps, Azure Cognitive AI services, Power Automate, and Power BI embedded, we developed the Smart MoBee platform to bridge the gaps between government and its citizens. Smart MoBee enables the quick development and deployment of a community-specific mobile app, using low code no code technologies, customized for the community services as a platform for communication and collaboration between the government and its citizens. Smart MoBee incorporates many features into one mobile app, providing the public, private, and academic sector services as a one-stop shop for citizens to access these services. It also serves as an effective platform for two-way communication and collaboration between the government and citizens as well as capturing citizen sentiments.

ESI and Bitscape are now expanding to work as a global system integrator efficiently applying technologies including low code no code solutions, Microsoft dynamics, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Services Now, OpenText and other prominent technology solutions from various vendors.

“The seven years of partnership with Bitscape has been a significant part of ESI’s growth, and we continue to enhance this mutually-beneficial partnership to bring the best value solutions and services to our customers.”

- Roberto Llames, President and CEO, ESI

Bitscape, with offices in Falls Church, VA, Los Angeles, CA and Toronto, Canada, is a Microsoft Technologies-based boutique consulting, project services, managed services, and apps development company that aims at helping its customers increase business productivity by helping them in their digital transformation journey including automating processes and compliance reporting.

ESI, with offices in Falls Church, VA and Los Angeles, CA, has been proudly serving state, local, and federal clients for more than 20 years. By formulating effective and complex enterprise-level information technology, ESI provides knowledge management, business processes, and digital transformation solutions for clients around the globe. Capabilities include solution development, cloud transformation, analytics, smart cities, and process and organization management.

Contact: Michael Lee, Executive Vice President

Ph: 855.374.4663 x703,

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