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Who We Are

Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (“ESI firm”), founded in 1999, is a minority-owned company that drives and aligns policies, people, processes, and technologies to maximum performance.  For over 20 years, ESI has been successfully supporting our clients in the private sector and government agencies in the federal, state, and local levels, helping our clients bridge operational challenges, to advance them from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.  Acting as prime contractor on 80% of our contracts and with ESI’s guidance, our clients have been recognized for optimization of their strategic goals and alignment of their IT services to meet the needs of the constituents that they serve.

What We Do

ESI is a multi-disciplinary and policy-driven technology and management consulting firm that delivers smart technology solutions for our clients.  We provide best-value and/or performance-based services to government and commercial clients to transform and improve their business processes and workflows; help formulate and implement internal control measures; adopt and use leading edge and/or next generation technologies; and provide on-site program and Information Technology (IT) support services.  With a keen eye on policies serving as enablers, we use this knowledge to transform and optimize business processes and workflows and implement policy-driven technology solutions to meet our client’s requirements and objectives.  Our capabilities include:


Process and Organization Management


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Who We Serve

We deliver technical expertise and digital solutions to state and local businesses. We also work alongside federal agencies to create innovative solutions that are unique to their business needs.

ESI has delivered quality and innovative solutions ranging from Enterprise Infrastructure Standardization, Application Development, Cloud and Mobile Technology, Security, and Smart City enabling for Federal and Local Government Agencies such as:

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